Smart Controllers

The way we interact with our home spaces has been completely transformed by smart controls. These clever gadgets easily connect to other smart equipment in your house, giving you centralized control via voice commands or smartphone apps. You can easily regulate and tailor your environment to your needs and preferences with the help of these smart controls. These controllers provide unmatched simplicity and efficiency, whether you want to remotely monitor security systems, control temperature for energy economy, or establish the ideal atmosphere for the lighting. They turn residences and workplaces into responsive, networked smart areas.

Turbo (Z-wave)

Bolt (Z Wave)

Cerebro Mighty (zigbee)

Smart IR Controller

The Smart IR Controller is a cutting-edge device that seamlessly integrates into your home entertainment system, revolutionizing the way you interact with your devices. With its sleek design and advanced technology, this controller transforms your smartphone into a powerful remote, allowing you to effortlessly manage your TV, air conditioner, audio system, and more. 

Smart IR 


IR + RF Wi-Fi

IR 360 (Z-Wave)

Touch Panels

Smart touch panels in home automation represent the pinnacle of modern technology, seamlessly integrating control of various devices into a sleek and intuitive interface. These panels, often mounted on walls, provide homeowners with a centralized hub for managing smart lighting, climate control, security systems, and more. 

One Touch Panel

Two Touch Panel

Three Touch Panel

Four  Touch Panel

4+1 Touch Panel

Prima Plus Touch

8 Touch Panel

10 Touch Panel

Smart Security Sensors

Our smart sensors are different from traditional sensors because they have advanced capabilities and can sense physical parameters while intelligently interpreting and responding to the information they collect. They can detect a wide range of environmental variables such as temperature, humidity, pressure, light, motion, and even chemical compositions. Their sensitivity to minute changes enables them to provide real-time data with unmatched accuracy, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the conditions in which they operate. Our smart sensors are designed not only to monitor and report on conditions but also to make autonomous decisions based on pre-programmed rules, triggering responses or adjustments.

Motion Sensor (Zigbee)

Door & Window Sensor (Zigbee)

Indoor Siren (Zigbee)

Smoke Sensor (Zigbee)

Gas Sensor (Zigbee)

Motion Sensor  (ZWave)

Temperature  Humidity Sensor  (Zigbee)

Gas Sensor (Zwave)

Smoke Sensor (Zwave)

Indoor Siren (Zwave)

Door & Window Sensor  (Zwave)

Curtain Motors

VL - 40

VL - 50

VL - 60

RF - 70

Blind Motors

RT - 20

RT - 50

RT - 150